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Seeking Contract Opportunities

Colin Chase is currently seeking consulting opportunities in the fields of eCommerce, Online Marketing (SEO/SEM), Brand Marketing, Shopper Marketing, Cross Promotion Management, Project Management, SEO Management, and Interactive or Traditional Marketing. Chase is seeking contract work (such as through a 1099 Contract or services paid directly to Chase-It Marketing™).

Colin Chase has been employed in various marketing capacities since 2000, while his Internet prowess dates back to the beginning of the World Wide Web in 1993. Chase has held positions in eCommerce, Online / Internet Marketing, Agency Marketing and Advertising, and Interactive Marketing. He has held titles such as: Director of eCommerce, eCommerce Manager, Director of Marketing, Project Manager, Marketing Film / Animation Producer and Director, and Lead Creative Agent.

Chase has seventeen (17) years of professional experience, with nearly 12 years being in management and director roles. Chase began his career as a Computer Technician and Network Administrator for a SUNY Community College from 1995 through 1999. In 2000 Chase went on to start his own marketing agency and firmly established himself in Online Marketing, Brand Marketing, and Interactive Marketing.

Chase was able to achieve a level of prominent success within interactive marketing from 2000 through the end of 2007 servicing niche Manufacturers before repositioning solely into eCommerce in 2008. For two years Chase guided the Online efforts of a mid-sized, family-run eRetail company in Buffalo, NY (best known for their website This company realized nearly 25% growth per year in the Internet Division that Chase managed, for the two years of Chase's employment at the height of the worst economic Recession since WWII. This growth came from within the Leisure Industry at a time when this industry was experiencing negative growth.

From 2010 through 2012 Chase directed the Online and Brand Marketing efforts of an emerging brand within the Snack Food industry that has become established in several retail chains across the US. The specific products marketed by Chase being primarily "Freeze-dried Fruit" which is categorized as a "Healthy Snack" and is a sub-set of the very large "Dried Fruit" market of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Due to Chase's multi-channel approach he was able to grow online revenue for the primary brand (Brothers-All-Natural) by 60% in 2011 alone.

Interactive Marketing Project and Award Winner

Project Highlights

Project Client:
Weber Knapp - Manufacturer

Project Components:
Interactive CD-ROM, 30 minutes Video Content, multiple PDF Documents

Chase's Involvement:
Project and Account Management, Lead Creative Agent, Mutlimedia Programmer (Macromedia Director & Lingo), Storyboard creation, Script writing, Marketing Film Production and Direction

Project Staff:
Chase in multiple roles, 1 graphic artist, 1 videographer, 1 video editor

Project Timeframe:
Approximately 90 Days

Project Budget:
Approximately $70,000

The Beginning

In the spring of 2004, New York southern-tier based manufacturer Weber Knapp contacted Colin Chase at his marketing firm, Chase Information Systems, Inc. A representative of Weber Knapp had previously spoken with Chase at a Chamber of Commerce event and indicated their desire for "some sort of high-end marketing product" to be used as give-away to potential customers. The President of Weber Knapp and their Marketing Manager met with Chase about this concept shortly thereafter. The target audience for this marketing piece was quite diversified due to their business focusing on a number of markets.

The Project Concept

Weber Knapp Video Select Screen
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Chase concluded that due to this company acquiring a variety of accolades over their 100-year history, that this should be the flagship for branding their ingenuity and diversity. For instance, the Articles of the Confederacy stored in the Rotunda in Washington DC is held in a specialized viewing container on which the hinge mechanism that lowers this container into a vault was custom manufactured by Weber Knapp. Additionally, the first ever self-holding hinge made for Xerox copiers back in the 1970's was invented and manufactured by Weber Knapp. This company has a state of the art facility in a small western NY town in which they create working prototypes; functional prototypes that not just show pieces. However, their most notable achievement according to Chase was that they were one of only two companies in the world manufacturing ergonomic office equipment back in the late 1980's, which lead to a huge expansion for their company at that time.

Weber Knapp PDF Display
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To differentiate the company, Chase devised a concept of sewing together a dozen or so independent and short mini-marketing films. Each film could stand on its own, but sewn together would encompass a 360° view of Weber Knapp. The films would need to entertain, while also educating the viewer. By having each mini-marketing film being 1 to 3 minutes in length, Chase theorized that the entire video content of maybe 20 minutes or so would have a better chance of being completely viewed. Chase argued that the sound bite society of America does not want it all at once; they want to be spoon fed. Conversely, Chase contended that American markets would also want their spoonfuls to be doled out per their own choosing, hence the idea of a dozen subsequent mini-marketing films. Chase went on to create the storyboards, write the scripts, as well as produce and direct the marketing films.

The Award-Worthy Concept

Weber Knapp Video Display Screen
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Further, Chase also took the lead on this contract as the multimedia programmer. He devised a unique concept for this interactive marketing CD-ROM. This concept led to the project winning 3rd Place in the 2004 INM Impressario Contest. This may not sound so impressive until you realize that the 1st place award was given to a marketing project done for the mighty Sony Corporation. Additionally the second place award was given to a marketing subsidiary of the Sony Corporation. Sony won twice and then the little marketing firm of Chase Information Systems. (See the awards given to this project in the 2005 Award page here - and here -

Weber Knapp PDF Display with PDF Screen
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The award-winning concept went like this: The potential customer places the CD into their computer and are then presented with the main menu, from which one of the primary options is to view the video content. Once on the video content menu, each button is crafted from an image taken from the video segment. The customer then selects one of the fifteen (15) video segments. This is where is gets unique. During the video segment, every time a key phrase is spoken in the voice-over, the phrase then appears beneath the clip in quotes with a thumbnail image of when it was spoken. There may be 3 to 10 of these key phrases within each segment. If the customer clicks the "open related information" link that appears below the displayed key phrase, the video pauses and a PDF document opens to a set page providing more detailed information about the topic at hand. When the PDF is then closed, the video begins again where it left off. This concept was expertly executed by Chase and won praise high enough to be compared with the Sony Corporation's marketing efforts!

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